Pinning for Folder fails


I wanted to pin the following CID QmVc6bmT1XZmJPRZbEJEofw9HCfHRzr7GaE96Fuzpn9jgK but unfortunately, it doesn’t continue and is stuck at 22 Nodes.

I was able to copy it to a local MFS with ipfs files cp /ipfs/QmVc6bmT1XZmJPRZbEJEofw9HCfHRzr7GaE96Fuzpn9jgK /test and access some file but not all of them.

Also with ipfs dhf findprov I couldn’t find a node which allows me to pin this hash.
My assumption is that the pin went missing and now I am not able to pin the whole folder, because all of the files aren’t anymore available in the IPFS system.
Am I right with this? Would be there any solution on how to resolve this?