`ipfs pin add CID` never returns/freezes

Trying to pin a CID to more nodes to improve IPNS load time and this command never returns, and worse, consumes all available CPU. It never returns after minutes, so something is pretty wrong. The CID is a website directory that is not huge at all, not tiny though.

Any thoughts on how to fix/prevent? Happy to submit a bug somewhere but couldn’t find where to do so.

Are you trying to pin the IPNS address or an IPFS hash?

It was the hash that ipfs name resolve dnsLinkHash returned.

Am trying it again with same, not returning result.

BTW, when I do:

ipfs pin add QmPgGhHSTRKYAXVEXi4zvHhMrTVfnisdumr6UkojtA4J11 --progress

It shows: Fetched/Processed 15 nodes.

Is that it – it it done? Does that mean 15 nodes have the content? If so, the command never stops which is a bit confusing.

No; it’s not pinned if it just gets stuck with that message. I think that means that 15 nodes in the DAG have been processed. If it pins successfully it should eventually say something like pinned <hash> recursively.

Are any of the nodes with that hash online? For what it’s worth I’m also unable to fully access that hash.