Repinning CID returns Fetched/Processed 0 nodes


We are trying to migrate away from pinata, towards our own IPFS server.
Our plan is that we want to repin all the CID’s onto our server, so that when pinata decide to unpin it, our content isn’t garbage collected.

We’re using the IPFS CLI, and when trying to add a pin to an existing CID after adding pinata as a swarm peer, the terminal hangs.

ipfs swarm peering add /ipfs/QmWaik1eJcGHq1ybTWe7sezRfqKNcDRNkeBaLnGwQJz1Cj

ipfs pin add --progress --debug QmT8sxQ3bMp6XeXWQ5b3ZWLRA6z35hsTAmg2LhFbMp4pzM
2022-09-08T22:38:45.291+0100    DEBUG    cmd/ipfs    ipfs/main.go:140    config path is /Users/duck/.ipfs
Fetched/Processed 0 nodes

It’s not “hung”, it’s searching. Pinata doesn’t do “reprovides”, so your node can’t immediately find the content, and they have many servers, not just the one you peered with. If you let it run, it should eventually find the right server and download the content (may take hours before the download starts though).

I just tried the first block you listed, and my node found it after less than 5 mins, so it should work for you too.

P.S. my node just got the whole thing (nice duck). your node should just get it from mine if you try again; that should be near immediate.