Speed on delivery

Hi All,

I have been playing with IPFS for a while. And my only issue so far is speed.
I’m running a local node, and even after hours, when I pin a CID on pinata, it never succeeds.
What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards
Kristian Nygaard Jensen

Can you provide some more information on, “It never succeeds”? I’m guessing that Piñata can’t see your local node.

Have you tried other storage providers such as https://web3.storage? I store all my things I need available quickly there and it seems to work fine. If you run ipfs dht findprovs <cid> you can investigate whether the CID is findable via DHT which greatly effects lookup time.

Tried to pin two files on two different days.

ipfs swarm peers ~ 500

Waited for hours

Locally pinned(one of them where)