Hub and spoke pinning replication model

Hello - we are currently trying to implement a hub and spoke like replication for pinning. I.e., we will have a go-ipfs node (or a cluster) of hub nodes to back-up user data, and user data will reside on end user machines in another go-ipfs node or embedded. Is it possible to setup replication rules such at anything pinned on the spoke nodes will also be pinned on the hub node(s)? Briefly looked at ipfs-cluster but don’t think that would work in our case since we don’t want the end users nodes to be part of the cluster per se. The other 2 options we were thinking of exploring are:

  1. Create a centralized pinning service that would pin via an API call and call that from our end user app instances (we prefer to do it without a centralized service however)
  2. See if IPFS pub sub can help here (thinking this is a no since I’m not sure how the node could be told to pin a content once it receives a hash via a pub sub message)

Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas here as we look further into all of these options.


Perhaps with their hubs and threads is the best choice.

Alternatively you would need to run something like 1 ipfs-cluster per user/interest-group (embedded). The users would let your hub know their cluster secret and your hub could join it and retrieve the things to pin.