Ipfs-cluster + ipns over 10 nodes

Hi all,

I want to ask some simple questions: let’s assume that I have

  • a private cluster
  • 10 go-ipfs nodes 0.8.0
  • 10 ipfs-cluster instances 0.13 that warrant each pinned dir / file at least 3 copies active in the cluster

I would like to have an IPNS dir for each node (not multimaster) directly accessible from all the nodes (with all the “readonly” nodes accessing through /ipns/[HASH]).

As of now, ipns give me the opportunity to do that (using the node key id or a private key), but I was not able to find how much time is needed between the modified /ipns/ dir syncs from “master” to other nodes: I tried to play with TTL, but it seems that only unmounting and than remounting helps to be sure that a sync happens. Is there any documentation on how to tune that?

Other question: do I need to re-publish through ipfs name publish every (12?) hours even if my ipns dir is still mounted? Is there a way to publish an ipns dir without the needs of unmount it firstly?

Thank you