Ipfs and ipfs-cluster used for directory synchronisation between nodes (CRDT)?

ipfs-cluster is for pinning IPFS data across multiple nodes.

Each node detecting change on directory “./CARDS” update ipfs and ask ipfs-cluster for pinning.

IPFS=$(ipfs add -r -q "./CARDS/" | tail -n 1)
ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add $IPFS

How could I keep synchronized every nodes to be aware of the last version of it?
It needs to know last $IPFS value to get “file” from it:

ipfs cat ${IPFS}/file

Is it necessary to use IPNS (with same publication key)?
How to avoid collision if 2 nodes modify directory at the same time?
Any other mechanism is available…

Hello, I don’t think we have a solution for this yet. You may use IPFS MFS but you will need to pin root CIDs directly when they change.