IPFS clusters + Pinning Service


I would like to implement some distributed file storage using IPFS technology.
Target deployment/architecture is presented below:
| Private Pinning Service |

| Zone1: IPFS cluster | | Zone2: IPFS cluster | | Zone3: IPFS cluster |

All 3 zones would be implemented using private IPFS clusters. Each zone is operated by a different Organization. The zones “don’t know each other”.

To replicate a file across zones we could use some kind of pinning service.

And I have 2 questions:

  1. Does this approach/deployment make sense? Or maybe there is another, better approach.
    I would appreciate any hints.

  2. Let’s assume this deployment is okay. And let’s assume I have own Service API compliant pinning service (IPFS Pinning Service API).

Question: Can I integrate my own pinning service with the IPFS cluster? So not with a single node running IPFS but with the entire IPFS cluster.