Address of the emptiness in IPFS ⚫? And the singularitry point location is

After an accidental erase of my file and publish to IPFS, I get that hash at the end of the change chain…
Qmc5m94Gu7z62RC8waSKkZUrCCBJPyHbkpmGzEePxy2oXJ is just nothing

pi@g1sms:~/G1sms+ $ ipfs cat QmY5CAmk2My2auaSTP7DMkcetzLbuvaXpPyFEH8wodqyQ4
pi@g1sms:~/G1sms+ $ echo "" > pi
pi@g1sms:~/G1sms+ $ ipfs cat Qmc5m94Gu7z62RC8waSKkZUrCCBJPyHbkpmGzEePxy2oXJ

Everyone is already sharing that Hash. the ipfs point of emptiness location