MFS and fuse support

Has there been any work or any plans on using MFS and Fuse. It seems like a better fit than UnixFS or maybe an addition to the current fuse?

I know I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for years now: when is IPFS going to live up to the FS part of its name and be a filesystem.

As it is, the fuse /ipfs is empty (only useful for cat-ing known hashes, still); mfs is not mounted at all, AFAICT; and in /ipns we only have local pointing to some hash, which is not the same as the hash listed by ipfs key list -l (or at least not the same multihash format? not sure) What I would expect is to have mfs automatically updating an ipns name. And when I write files to /ipns/local, I want those writes to be persistent, and also update the hash that the ipns name points to, at the same time.

As it is, it’s not even persistent (if I restart the daemon, the changes are gone); and after writing something to /ipns/local it’s not immediately clear how to get its hash, pin it, and update the ipns name. I seems useless to have such an incomplete filesystem abstraction in a fuse mountpoint. The unix philosophy tells us that the reason for “everything is a file” is so that applications can continue to work the same way they did before: if I open a text file in vi and save it, I want it to be persisted, not have to afterwards do a bunch of shell gymnastics to make sure it really is persisted, or have to modify vi to become ipfs-aware.

I recall there were some heroic attempts one or two (maybe three) years ago. But since then not much has progressed and Protocol Labs, the company behind IPFS and FIlecoin, does not appear to have diverted any internal resource to, well, get it fully implemented. So yeah, it’s gonna be a long wait…