Virtual local disk or a network directory from IPNS?

Hi. I apologize for my poor English.
Recently I tried to test BTFS and came up with an idea. Is it possible to samulate IPNS as a network drive? The total free space is limited by the “storagemax” setting.
There is a virtual disk Z or a network directory “IPFS”(is this easier to implement?). When I go into it, I see all my IPNS as directories. When adding to IPNS, or deleting, automate rehashing and republishing, with the terminal opening to track the process.

How difficult is it?
Is this possible?
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Here is a google search term I just ran which turned up interesting results “can IPFS MFS mount as a filesystem”. I’m letting you know this in case you weren’t aware of MFS. I’m not sure if there’s a viable way to get good performance when IPNSing each individual file, because publishing an IPNS name can take up to several MINUTES, because apparently it’s akin to a kind of DNS change that has to ‘propagate’ across the network and takes some time.

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Thanks. I didn’t know

I found all the answers here

Both projects are dead :frowning:

Great! Thanks for posting the links you ended up finding. This discussion form is rapidly becoming the best reference source for IPFS information. :slight_smile: