Mounting /ipfs or /ipns as read-write directory


I started experimenting with IPFS and i was wondering if there is a way to add content to it without having to go by ipfs add and ipfs name publish ?
I used --mount with fuse but i cant seem to be able to write directly into /ipfs or /ipns .
I also tried docker-ipfs-volume but i also cant seem to write on the directories of IPFS.

Is it that iam missing something or its not possible yet to interact with directories mkdir /ipfs/folder and have IPFS do the work on the background?

Found out it was possible… In fact, after you use “ipfs daemon --mount”… you mount /ipfs/ as a read only directory but /ipns/your_id as a read-write directory.

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Are you able to do the mount from within Docker, bind it as a volume, then write to the /ipns/your_id directory from the host OS?