How to use the Fuse mount?

The mount feature of ipfs doesn’t appear to work for me. When I add files with ipfs add, and pin, nothing ever shows up in the ipfs or ipns directories. Either I am not using it correctly or it isn’t working, but for me this is confusing. When I start the program, and I start adding files and directories, they should appear in one of the mount directories right?

I’m guessing what you’re expecting is to be able to list the contents of the mounted directories and see the CID you added in the list. The IPFS mount doesn’t allow you to do that. You obviously couldn’t list every CID available on IPFS and even if it was just the local CID’s even a moderate amount of data would lead to a very long list of what is essentially gibberish. You need to access a specific CID and then you can navigate it like you normally would. “ls /mnt/ipfs/QmMyCiD…” or “cat /mnt/ipfs/QmMyOtherCID”