Browse/read IPFS mount in Ubuntu Desktop and desktop apps

I’ve mounted IPFS in Ubuntu desktop, and that seems to work fine in terminal. However, I was really hoping to be able to access pinned IPFS data in the desktop and desktop apps. Is there a way to do this? Read-only is all I need, but is there a way to somehow mount a directory CID to a directory that is browse-able in the desktop and from desktop apps so apps can read from it?

you need to add them to MFS.

ipfs files cp /ipfs/QmExample /example/path/inside/the/desktop

Oh, so there is a way to achieve this?

I am not familiar with MFS. I am trying to read about it now. If you have any additional info for us noobs, always appreciated. Thank you for your reply!

I wasn’t able to figure this out, and unfortunately it is holding me back since I have limited SSD storage. Rather than having all the data duplicated, I was hoping to see this and make this work somehow.

Can anyone help? I think this could benefit a lot of people.