I'm getting errors when I start up Daemon

Ok, to start I’ve configured my repo to be located at “/usr/data/IPFS & /usr/data/IPNS”

When I do ipfs daemon --mount it errors with these (is the ipns portion ok to keep?)

2023-03-08T16:14:30.159-0500 ERROR fuse/ipns ipns/ipns_unix.go:100 looking up /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5di6zz3ujncj2e60ukxjwyavu81cckxw1m82oecphn6yw5jr1t51: mkdir /usr/data/IPFS/blocks/X3: no such file or directory
2023-03-08T16:14:30.159-0500 ERROR node node/mount_unix.go:96 error mounting: mkdir /usr/data/IPFS/blocks/X3: no such file or directory

I did a look into IPFS and that specific directory IS there. What is going wrong and how can I fix this?

Thank you for looking and helping.


I understand it’s emitting error messages, but are you experiencing anything going wrong? My understanding is the FUSE mounter is unmaintained and not recommended, I don’t know much about it.