Node: error mounting: failed to find any peer in table mount_unix

I am running ipfs daemon --mount

After few tries it eventually works but I get following error at least 2-3 times.

17:16:17.929 ERROR  fuse/ipns: looking up /ipns/QmNQ74xaWquZseMhZJCPfV47WttP9hAoPEXeCMKsh3Cap4: failed to find any peer in table ipns_unix.go:107
17:16:17.933 ERROR       node: error mounting: failed to find any peer in table mount_unix.go:95

=> What may causing this error? How could I fix it?

Please note that: I have already done: sudo ipfs mount -f /ipfs

This may be a bug when ipns resolution is attempted before bootstrapping the dht.

Workaround is to run ipfs mount after the daemon has started. It would be useful if you open a bug report in go-ipfs (check that no similar report exists).

Most similiar issue I was able to find is ( but it related to ipfs name publish.

I was directly running ipfs daemon -mount.
But also when I tried ipfs daemon && ipfs mount -f /ipfs it may get hang on the mount part.

So I think you may need to get a successful “ipfs name publish” before you can “ipfs mount”. And you should wait a few minutes until your daemon is well connected.

But obviously this is buggy, should not be like this, please open a bug if you don’t mind.

Sure I will open an issue as you recommended. Also I am using ipfs version 0.5.1-dev (Is it the latest version?)

Yes, it is the last version.

I have the same problem with some of my IPFS nodes

HASH=$(ipfs add -rHq ~/myipfs | tail -n 1)
ipfs name publish --allow-offline --quieter /ipfs/$HASH

Error: failed to find any peer in table

Maybe it is because “ipfs daemon” was first run without bootstrap
ipfs bootstrap rm --all

I am still investigating…
I know that even after adding bootstrap and restart daemon, the problem still occurs…