Error: failed to find any peer in table

I have a problem on some of my “ipfs daemon”.
After “ipfs init”, if “bootstrap list” is empty for the first start,

Then each time I want to publish

ipfs name publish --quieter /ipfs/$QmHASH

then “Error: failed to find any peer in table” happens.
This problem is partly “solved” with --quieter, but DHT replication is slower then.

NB: This is not happening on “nodes” 1st time starting with a “non empty” bootstrap.
I am using. go-ipfs/0.5.1/

  • Anyone noticed that problem too?
  • Do I need to re-install, re-init my daemon to correct it, or is there an option to modify somewhere?

This assertion is not true.
I still have that “Error: failed to find any peer in table” on fresh install nodes…

How could I investigate deeper?