Failed to bootstrap (no peers found)

so, i run ipfs init, opened another terminal, run ipfs daemon, opened the first terminal, and run ipfs swarm peers, as this tutorial tells: Command-line quick start | IPFS Docs. but, instead of adresses i do not understand, the command returned nothing. i pasted http://localhost:5001/webui/ in my web browser and the site takes forever to load. i checked the daemon terminal and i saw this line:
2021-10-16T15:24:12.827Z ERROR cmd/ipfs ipfs/daemon.go:559 failed to bootstrap (no peers found): consider updating Bootstrap or Peering section of your config
what happened and how to fix it?
edit: i just saw this line: 2021-10-16T15:39:20.211Z ERROR reprovider.simple simple/reprovide.go:109 failed to reprovide: failed to find any peer in table`

for some reason i cannot edit properly anymore, so i am replying every update. despite the command returning nothing, i can use ipfs cat, add and pin add.