New Project, change the IPFS realms ... FUSE NNTPusenet with IPFS creating nearly permanent immutable free storage

Hi, I’m Adam.

Most of the work for this is already done, we have a userspace FUSE filesystem that will already bridge usenet and “linux” basically all we need to do is federate the storage of newsbin “file lists” or hashes to keep “where to load the requests from” … and maybe fedirate it across something like “Multiverse.”

Here’s the NZB fuse: GitHub - danielfullmer/nzbfs: NZB Filesystem using FUSE/Python

Multiverse, “I think” provides for a user network level “multipin” and SVN/CVS/git like versioning on top of IPFS. If it doesn’t do that, we need an easy to access “local frinds and for the public” network of IPFS mirrors … or something like this could be built directly into IPFS. It would provide deep “slow load” but permanent storage on “other people’s computers” [mostly Internet2 type schools still providing NNTP according to original spec] …

It should instantly and drastically lower the cost of IPFS storage, at the same time increasing SLA like availability and permanency. Usernet, like IPFS, is “immutable” once something is posted it cannot be deleted. I think it’s more “permanent” than a no pin IPFS … “add.”

I’m [not really] a developer, but I was once that–and I think I have a good grasp on what “the world really needs.”

Love, sweet love … “death and robots.”


Hey @adamtf,

ipfs can fetch files via a link and discard the data after calculating the metadata necessary to publish it.

Just make sure you have the experimental feature urlstore active. Then

ipfs add --nocopy protocol://path/to/file

This way you can fetch data from other places and share them onto IPFS without having to store everything locally. :slight_smile:

Best regards,