After uploading the file, how to retreive it again if hash is not copied or is lost?


Today was the first day of my experimentation with IPFS, I was trying to upload the files with the webui. File got uploaded, but I did not copy the hash and closed the webui and now I have no way to access the uploaded file again.
Kindly, let me know if there is any way to get the list of uploaded file hashes which are uploaded by the specific PID.
Is there any file browser like utility for IPFS?


Check if it is in your pinned hashes

With command line

ipfs pin ls

Or with my tool IPFS Manager

HI Hazae41,

Thanks for your reply, I will surely give IPFS manager a try. But unfortunetly, I have not pinned anything so far. Is unpinned hashes unrecoverable, even if the file is out there somewhere in the network?


Unless you can manually sift through blocks stored on your node and determine which one do you need, no.