How can I find files I added some days ago?

I followed the getting-started doc.
After executing command ipfs init successfully, I got expected output, just like:

to get started, enter:
ipfs cat /ipfs/some hash/readme

But now, I forgot the some hash, where to find it ?

I also added some images by ‘ipfs add’ command without remembering generated hashes.
How can I list all the files added by myself?


If you wrapped the files you should be able to see the file names (This is something that Siderus Orion does… still in preview/beta).

In case you can always get the hashes you have in the IPFS repository by running:

ipfs pin ls

But this is not showing you the file names, only the Hashes… and sometimes it is really hard to know what is what. That is why we decided to show more info on Orion and Always wrap the files :slight_smile: (you can disable that in case)

For listing pin with file names

for link in $(ipfs pin ls | awk '{print $1}'); do ipfs ls $link; done