How getting list all files from Peer?

Hi i init ipfs, add files.

How can i getting list all file what i add in ipfs ?
And how can i getting list file othen Peer ?

Open your WebUI:

Look at Files tab … click on ‘pins’ … look into hashes/files there

I’m not sure you can look at all the files of someone else’s Peer ID, only what they decide to show you. You can try investigating some with:

$ ipfs name resolve their-peer-id

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If you have added files in MFS (say using ipfs files write), then you can view a list using the command ‘ipfs files ls’.

If you have added files using ipfs add, then you can use:

  • ‘ipfs pin ls’ to view a list of all pinned hashes
  • ‘ipfs ls (hash)’ to view the list of files and directories under that hash (that is if the hash represents a directory, then a list of directories and files inside it.)
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@meghashyamc, @gosound can we also list peers who are accessing public content/ file.
Please guide.
We can say the file is not encrypted and pinned in ipfs.

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