Allowing users to select willingness to store unrated / rated content

Some users may be sensitive to storing pieces of offensive content on their local system running an IPFS node. Is there any thinking / documentation around allowing users to assert that they do not want to store:

  • unrated content
  • content above a certain rating (E.g. PG-13)
  • encrypted content

I recognize that this raises implications of setting, moderating, handling complaints and/or storing ratings for pieces of content. Thinking about this as it could affect mass market adoption.

Your IPFS node will only store content:

  • You add to your node (with, e.g., ipfs add).
  • You fetch from the network (with, e.g., ipfs get, ipfs cat, ipfs pin, or the gateway).

It won’t automatically store content for other peers.

(see How permanent is data stored on IPFS?)

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Two scenarios (which may not be valid, if so pls call this out) whereby the user may find themselves hosting inappropriate content:

(1) What if the inappropriate content is submitted via Infura? - e.g. the user does not have their own local node where they store it. Infura has to place it somewhere. Could Infura place part or all of the inappropriate content on your local node?

(2) Is there a scenario with BitSwap where pieces/chunks inappropriate could be routed via you (e.g. in a three way exchange). Or would this not be a valid scenario?

OK for (1) sounds like Infura would only place submitted content on their own nodes. If anyone knows different plsn yell.

For (2) sounds like this might be implementable via a Bitswap stragegy, but it is not an actively considered scenario. Standard operation is only content you request will be stored on your node. (You are not used as a relay point for anything beyond DHT finding the content somewhere else, rather than a conduit through which content itself passes).