How much IPFS Costs?

Hello Team,

I have few questions regarding IPFS:

  1. How the data is stored in IPFS besides your node?
  2. How to add multiple files into one directory?
  3. How to remove the file from from your node and/or from all nodes?
  4. How the subscription for clustering and consortium works?
  5. How do I get notification/advertisement from other node to download their content?
  6. What is bitswamp ?
  7. How much it cost when we use ipfs as a storage solution ?

Looking forward

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Hey Waris,

I’m not part of any team, but I think you have to be more precise in what you mean.

By default, IPFS only shares files among nodes that are interested in them. So if you add files to IPFS, they will still only be on your computer – unless somebody else specifically requests them.


Check this out.

Q: how can i ensure something remains online?
A: you can do this by keeping one or several ipfs nodes online pinning the content you’re interested in backing up, the more ipfs nodes pinning content, the better redundancy you get. Tools such as ipfs-persistence-consortium, pincoop, and ipfs-cluster on top of ipfs allow you to share the costs of bandwidth with other people or organizations. Then, protocols like Filecoin will allow you to just pay the network to do it for you (i.e. similar to how people pay “the cloud companies”, but here you’re paying the network itself). (Filecoin is not live yet)

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IPFS itself does not have transaction cost, nor does it has any promise it provides for storage built-in.Maybe you refer to FileCoin which will be a service on-top of IPFS which will offer storage service. The price of which I’m not sure anyone exactly knows right now.