IPFS working and some FAQ's

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  1. How the data is stored in IPFS besides your node?
  2. How to add multiple files into one directory?
  3. How to remove the file from from your node and/or from all nodes?
  4. How the subscription for clustering and consortium works?
  5. How do I get notification/advertisement from other node to download their content?
  6. What is bitswamp ?
  7. How much it cost when we use ipfs as a storage solution ?

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I don’t understand all of your questions, but I attempted to answer the ones I was at least 60% sure I understood.

It’s also stored on other nodes that request your content.

If you pass in multiple files into ipfs add they get wrapped into a single directory by default.

You can remove files from nodes you control, you can use ipfs pin rm to make sure the content isn’t pinned and then ipfs gc to garbage collect it. You can’t make other nodes remove files just like other nodes can’t make yours remove files.

ipfs-cluster will do this. It will let you pin (or unpin) content across multiple nodes that are part of the same cluster.

See here for an explanation: https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/tree/master/exchange/bitswap

Use of IPFS itself doesn’t cost anything.

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Note: IPFS is not a storage solution. It’s really an implementation of a set of data exchange protocols.

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