Alternatives to BlackHoleDB

Are there any production-ready alternatives to BlackHoleDB to store key-value entries on IPFS?

“production ready” might be too ambitious at the moment. But look at orbit-db:

Agreed. :smile:
I have been following orbit-db for a while but the original data gets encapsulated into an /orbitdb/ tree.

I could find only one implementation of orbitDB in golang but that repo seems to be inactive.

I am looking for a go implementation without too much of abstraction .

intresting project. maybe you can share your idea on :

OrbitDB is mainly a Javascript project I think. Your requirement might be “undone”. One could only try to find something similar that has already been started or concepted by ProtocolLabs. They should know …

Another alternative, maintained by an active project is here :

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Do you know what the current relationship of go-orbit-db with orbit-db is?

(Maybe also interesting in the context: )

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As stated in the readme, go-orbit-db is a DB maintained by Berty, a messenger app project. Its code is a translation from the OrbitDb organization’s Javascript DB orbit-db to Go language.

I like the append-only concept in this project.

The data model seems to be a “growing set” CRDT. I like it.

But I am unsure if this is a good alternative, for a key-value store?

Any thoughts from the author would be nice. Please tag them if possible.

You might want to check out a HAMT too. - it stores key/values and allows deletion. It is also actually used in IPFS (I think?).

I’d love to hear about your usecase. Could you benefit from ownership and trust? is also a key/value store but with the added benefit of a DLT (so ownership, copy protection, etc).

you can contact them via chat here