An IPFS-based DB

IPFS is a distributed database. Too big to comprehend concepts, design data structures/schema, and manage persistence(Mutable and all)…

How about a wrapper to IPFS that allows a user to:

  1. Specify the schema of a data structure (JS/JSON Format)
  2. How to store (Encryption and stuff)
  3. Where to store (Distribution)
  4. Who to share along with? (Keys n PKI)

My research couldn’t turn up with a project tangible to this concept…
Throw some light please. :slight_smile:


cc @jbenet, @whyrusleeping & @lidel

IPFS just keep data. Maybe we can still use db software(i.e: mysql), just make some improvements that saving the data file to IPFS.

Have you looked into orbit db? It is not really high performance, but other than that seems to be just what you are looking for.

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We also have support for CRDTs

Note: This won’t handle encryption. We’re working on that but key management is a rather hard problem so it will take time. If you’d like an example project, take a look at peer pad:

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This helped. Thanks!

I believe orbitDB now does do encryption, btw. And you can speed it up if you use an in-memory approach…

I believe as time passes more and more dapps will appear and all these issues would be solved, just like you have online tools in the traditional client-server internet that didn’t exist years ago.

This is a brand new world, like colonists just arrived to a new untamed land, we gotta build things up!!

(altho, as they said, there are already some cute things made already)

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