Always timeout when trying to access a file

I’ve installed kubo on Arch Linux. Then I uploaded a directory into IPFS

$ ipfs add -r ~/ipfs_shared/site1/
added QmZzBXkqLw9EGwE2vYS8G2bvG982BTNHU8t91vNYviZpyz site1/index.html
added QmaVaHSkoBKYPXznbW8LBFaCB4yvd4RxEZQ9pNeQMwNKbs site1

I received CID of a directory.. So far so good.

However, there’ll always be a timeout whenever I try to access it via a browser.

Notice that in the 2nd case this is the same CID but in the base32 format

My ISP supports ipv6. I haven’t changed any settings.

What’s the matter?

it works here. Public gateways are often overloaded. Do not design application which depends on public gw.

It’s hard to give generic advice.

I’d recommend checking out the following blog post: A Practical Explainer for IPFS Gateways - Part 2 | IPFS Blog & News which goes into exactly the kind of problem you’re facing.