[ANN] ipfs-deploy npm package helps deploy static websites to free IPFS pinning services

The basic usage is:

$ cd my-static-website
$ npx @agentofuser/ipfs-deploy
$ # and done =)

This command does this:

  • Finds public/dist/_site/whatever directory based on common names used by static site generators
  • Uploads to Infura.io (no signup required)
  • Opens browser to ipfs.io/ipfs/your-hash

It also has options for:

  • Pinning to Pinata.cloud after siging up (freemium)
  • Updating Cloudflare DNS’ TXT record with the appropriate dnslink for those using https://cloudflare-ipfs.com

I would love to have feedback on what works and what doesn’t and ideas on what could be improved.

I want to make this the easiest way to deploy static websites to IPFS for those who know nothing about it.

Thank you!


Hi, thanks for the great tool.

I was wondering if there was a way to deploy to my local IPFS node? I’m trying to deploy a vue app which interfaces with some Ethereum smart contracts and have so far been manually adding it via IPFS desktop (I have IPFS Desktop connecting to my CLI node). It would be great to integrate this into my build process so I could just run npm run deploy:ipfs.

Any help much appreciated.