Announcement: new ipfs gateway next summer

Announcement: new ipfs gateway next summer.

The ipfs io gateway sometimes works but takes long time. 6887

Often it does not work at all.

There is likely no ipfs gateway in my country (de). The gateway list shows one in the domain .at - Austria - but no one here.

I want to begin to operate a new gateway in the company where I am. I don’t know whether they will allow it or not.

At present time our internet connection is expensive and only medium speed, it is a GigaCube router that connects the LAN through the vodafone mobile net to the internet - we normally have 1 to 4 Mbit/s speed - but

next summer we will get glass fiber!

and then operating things such as gateways and web servers will be easy.

At the moment, I have no knowledge what ipfs cluster is, and no knowledge about the gateway software.