Announcing the Second Ever IPFS Camp, Oct 28-30, 2022 ⛺

IPFS Camp 2022 will be Oct 28-30 at a gorgeous venue in Lisbon, Portugal and you are all enthusiastically invited!

IPFS Camp is a gathering for the entire IPFS community: devs, operators, implementers, researchers – and you. After a long hiatus, we’re very excited to bring this incredible community together. Join us for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more, all focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS. Here’s the 2019 recap video and blog post to give a taste of what you can expect.

Tickets and calls for proposals will be coming soon. The website will be updated with the very latest info and resources.

Help make IPFS Camp awesome!

This will be a decentralized event with multiple tracks and track leads. Most tracks will be half-day or full-day; a few others may extend longer. A few of the tracks that may be in store:

  • Implementations Showcase: Learn about exciting new implementations
  • Designing the next internet with IPFS: 201-level talks
  • Operating IPFS at Scale: Talks from IPFS Operators about their deployments, best practices, tools they have built, problems encountered and solutions built (evolution of Pinning Summit)
  • Decentralized Science and IPFS
  • Introduction to IPFS
  • Lightning Talks from Builders, showcasing IPFS projects from around the world
  • New Problems in Decentralized Network Design, an invitation to the research community
  • Growing with IPFS: funding, grants, decentralized job fair, and more
  • Project and Community

Do you have ideas for new tracks, or submissions to these tracks? CFPs will open soon, but in the meantime please add questions, track suggestions, session suggestions, and any other ideas here.


Hi everyone! Lots of fantastic talks and tracks are coming together for this event. Tickets and CFPs are now live:

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In order to book a room close to the camp, is the event’s address in Lisbon known ? thanks.


Yes! It’s at: Convento do Beato