IPFS Camp will be in Brussels, 11-13 July 2024!

Save the date, stop the presses, hold your horses, renew your passports — IPFS Camp 2024 will be in Brussels, Belgium, from 11-13 July 2024!

If you’ve never attended, IPFS Camp is for those who want to bend the arc of the Internet to be more open, efficient, and secure. This is the biggest event of the year for and by the IPFS community, with a heavy emphasis on learning, thinking, and problem-solving together.

This year, our goal is to prioritize IPFS users from a variety of sectors, shine a light on their successes, design patterns, and needs, and foster lots of active collaboration between users and implementers.

The dates & location were chosen partly based on great feedback from IPFS Thing 2023, and also to align in geography & time for the end of EthCC which may give some people multiple reasons to travel to Brussels this summer.

​As in past years, the IPFS Scholars program will offer travel support for individuals from underrepresented communities, unique circumstances, or developing areas to connect with and contribute to the IPFS ecosystem (nomination form to come). Our budget can support 8 scholars, but we’re keen to increase that number through your support too.

Preregister here to get a calendar invite and all the latest news in your inbox: Pre-register for IPFS Camp 2024! · Luma. Tickets will go on sale in March.

This thread will include periodic updates and conversation from the IPFCamp Committee, and is also a great place to drop your questions, enthusiasm, feedback, or hopes and dreams for this event!


Now that the venue and dates are confirmed, we’re turning our attention to content. Here are the currently planned tracks:

:star: Decentralized Apps and Publishing
:star: Public Records and Human Rights
:star: CIDs in the Age of Generative AI
:star: Syncing Bytes at Scale
:star: Libp2p Day

We usually end up with ~12-15 tracks. What other topics would you love to see on this list? Is there a track you’d like to chair, or to nominate someone else to chair?