Any possibility for embedding IPFS into other application?

For example, I need to use IPFS in blockchain wallet written in C++/Qt. As I know program on Go can give C API, but I am not familiar with Go. Do you distribute IPFS as a library?


yes it is possible see this page : you can find we have C impelementation of protocol and a client for c++


You say about this Is it production ready?

As I see it distributed as daemon and C++ client will work through API with it. Have your plans to make embedding library? Or may be I understand wrong.

c => (production ready ? i don’t know)
c++ library => (production ready ? i don’t know)

what do you mean by embedding library ? a library permit to create a deamon on your application or library can communicate with go-ipfs for example ?

in library can communicate with go-ipfs see “client libraries” in this page

on “Protocol Implementations” (same page : permit to create on your app a daemon for example js-ipfs : permit to start (run) a ipfs daemon and add file. For client libraries you need a daemon installed on your system js-ipfs or go-ipfs for example.


a library permit to create a deamon on your application

Yes, I mean this. API is not needed in such task and all background job will be done in demon threads.

I wanted to use IPFS from C++ so I wrote a Nim library. This library can compile to C++ so it is able to call C++ or be called from C++. You would have to learn some Nim to use it, and it is probably missing some of the functionality you need, but is faster to develop with than C or C++ .

libp2p is at the core of IPFS. It’s a library you can include in your own programs. Current implementations include Go, JavaScript and Rust.