IPFS C++ Support

Hey People, how’s it going?
I absolutely ADORE IPFS. For me, it’s like some interstellar power that has come down to earth to save the internet. (as cringe as that sounds, that is how much I like IPFS)

Also, Networking in C++ is complete HELL, so while I was trying to simplify things by making a library of sorts, I thought to myself, “why doesn’t IPFS have a C++ api?” and I’m still wondering.

For now, IPFS has three implements includes JS-IPFS, GO-IPFS, Rust-IPFS.
I think Rust-IPFS is the version of IPFS that you are looking for.

Eh, I’ll have to learn Rust to use it, a C++ implementation would be a blessing.

Somebody can theoretically write a C++ wrapper around the Rust implementation so that it doesn’t have to be rewritten from scratch.

Another way to go is to use the http API: connect to a daemon that is already running nearby. That’s the approach I took with my project: GitHub - ec1oud/nettebook: a hypertext notebook

There’s a cpp-libp2p implementation out there (C++17) that’s endorsed by Raul et al. Dependencies are managed by Hunter which is a bit cumbersome but overall it has most if not all the features from the libp2p spec (DHT, multiaddress, CID, etc).

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