Rust-ipfs vs go-ipfs vs js-ipfs

I’m thinking about creating a cross-platform app upon IPFS where performance is critical.
I would love to do it in rust, but there seem to be much less resources on rust ipfs than for go and the last release in the repo was 2 years ago.

How many people are currently working on rust IPFS compared to Go or JavaScript? How do you think are the chances that rust IPFS has a future? Is there any roadmap to a 1.0 release for it? Or should I better go with Go?

You can use rust-ipfs-api to communicate with a local go-ipfs node.

AFAIK rust-ipfs has not really been worked on recently. I would love to have at least a workable alternative to go-ipfs but not yet.

Thanks for your answer, even though it’s sad to hear…

Do you know what the status of the rust libp2p is? On GitHub it seems a bit more maintained…

Rust libp2p is widely used in ETH2 and is being worked on by multiple people.

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libp2p is totally independent of IPFS and used for lots of things so if there’s a rust lib for it that doesn’t mean much about rust libs for IPFS. Definitely the “GO Lang” IPFS is the flagship implementation. The JS implementation of IPFS is kind of crippled, and not worth consideration.

If you have some other language to call from (like I do from Java), you can go thru the HTTP API, and treat IPFS like a microservice.

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