Using rust-ipfs as a library

I am wondering on the status of rust-ipfs and how fit is it for usage as a library

Currently I am interacting with IPFS by calling out to an installed binary.

So far, here are the commands I need for my interactions:

// Ensure ipfs is started with --enable-pubsub-experiment and --enable-namesys-pubsub
ipfs add -r /path_to_dir 
ipfs name publish --key=hash-public-key cid_to_publish
ipfs get "ipns/path"--output=destination_path

But I will like to improve this by not having to interact with an installed binary…

My questions now are:

  1. I know rust-ipfs is pre-alpha, but does it currently support --enable-pubsub-experiment and --enable-namesys-pubsub?

  2. Does it also currently support adding a directory, publishing to ipns and requesting from ipns?

  3. Would there be a theoretical/real performance benefit of using rust-ipfs as a library compared with interacting with an installed binary?


I just found about rust-ipfs category while coming here to setup some email filtering for myself (thank you admins for that!). This one was handled in a github issue: and as such I’d recommend the mods to close this thread (if you are closing any threads that is).

In future I’ll try to keep a better eye out for rust-ipfs category posts but you can also mention me or write up an issue like was done here at

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