Whats the plan with rust-ipfs

I was wondering with work going on to have ipfs also implemented in Rust, what would be the strategy moving forward. I mean does it mean we would have two contending binaries to pick from if we want to run IPFS?

You already do. You can chose to run go-ipfs or js-ipfs already (plus some unofficial, feature-incomplete implementations). In the short run, I expect Go to be more complete and Rust to be better for ressource constrained devices.
And if there are equivalent in feature offering and performance, then you can chose one depending on your taste for one language or another.

Not the same, as both serve different platforms. js-ipfs runs within the browser or nodejs while go-ipfs is a native binary…because of the differences in the platform these two serves, it easier to see their existence as not conflating…

This can’t be said of go-ipfs and rust-ipfs