Any tips for installing go-ipfs after having ipfs desktop installed first?

Hi everyone.
I am just getting started and did not resist running ipfs desktop on an ubuntu 18.04 vps.
I shared a few files with it but now I think I need a node that can be kept up and running whether a desktop session is present or not.
Is there a way to install CLI now and still use desktop when wanted and still manage the content that’s already up?
Thank you!

If you install the CLI you can change the IPFS desktop config to point to it.

Thank you Sionis.
I guessed so but would I lose the ability to manage the files I’ve already sent out to IPFS by doing that?

First, “sent out” is misleading, maybe use the term added to IPFS. Your not actually sending any data anywhere.

You could probably reuse the same repository but I never tried that.

You have to understand that the app is separated from the data and the UI.