Run IPFS from a USB key or a html file

Dear all,
I’d know if it is possible to run IPFS directly from a USB key or from html file and how.

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Hi Massimo,

Could you share more about what you’re trying to achieve with a “standalone” set-up? In this scenario do you have admin on the host machine? IPFS typically runs as a background process at the system level so I don’t think it will work but I might be wrong. Also keep in mind there are a number of HTTP gateways for IPFS out there too:

It would be possible to install from a USB drive, or maybe run a virtual machine with IPFS pre-installed from USB, but I’m not sure if that answers your question.



Dear Chris,
my problem is as follow. I need to have a node always working in order that the files I’ve added to IPFS are always reachable. If I have the daemon on my computer shutted down after 1 day the files are no more reachable. And I can resolve them only after having make the command ipfs daemon.
So I need to create a node that is always running.
How can I do it? With infer for example? But how?


You can use a VPS online to host your IPFS Node. This is the safest and most decentralised way to ensure that you content is always available in the network. As an alternative you can also buy a Raspberry Pi (that might be the fun version :smiley: ) and install IPFS on it.

I made some Debian and Ubuntu packages in a repository (Read more here) that can help. As an alternative you can download the binaries from here and set it up manually.

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Thanks a lot.

Well done.