Downloading a test file via http -

Good Day

I have recently setup IPFS on my Linux Mint 19.1 with the desktop node. All seems to be running fine. I added a folder with my public pgp keys as text files.
When I attempt to download via the[hash] I get an endless “waiting for” message in the browser

Any ideas as to why? The desktop nodes traffic in both directions.

Thank you!.

I got also a lot of “waiting for…”



" IPFS Desktop allows you to run your IPFS Node on your machine without having to bother with command line tools. With it, you the power of Web UI on tip of your hands plus a handful of shortcuts you can find on settings.

:warning: Please note that this version is not stable yet and might change. Also, Linux support is still experimental and it might not work on every desktop environment. Please file an issue if you find a bug."

im also new here

I have done that, tried different browsers. Eventually I get the gateway time out.

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I am still having no luck with this. it is a 2k test file with my pgp public key. Here is the URL. Can someone see if they get anything but a timeout?

I would love to see this work :slight_smile: I think this is a revolution system and idea.


I am happy. Finally got it working!