Difficulty accessing IPFS Desktop Saved Files on External HD

I’m running a VPN with the IPFS Desktop behind a router and others are having trouble accessing my files. For example the file https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmdMkoevxiyexeM21jAgKDrjrZ6G8DqvYpUBs6s3nVNeab
doesn’t seem to be accessible from a browser. Have tried Brave with IPSF Companion disabled and Chrome without Companion installed. Both end up with repeated gateway timeouts. Am running the repository on an external HD as described in my post yesterday “How to setup IPFS desktop with repository in external HD” (How to setup IPFS desktop with repository in external HD). Desktop seems to be working with varying numbers of peers discovered. There have been no antivirus flags.

Update: increased the read only share from 1 to 20 without any improvement. Then tried full share with no success. At another location behind different router tried without VPN and no success.