"Could not connect to the IPFS API" in Brave

I run IPFS desktop and also have the IPFS extension for Brave installed.
When I run the desktop application it works great. I’m connected and can see peers etc. Perfect.
When I launch Brave I can also see whats going on in the extension badge. The badge shows the number of peers and if I click the extension icon I can see the Gateway and API addresses.
When I click “My Node” in the extension menu and it opens the IPFS interface in the browser however, I get “Could not connect to the IPFS API”. If I go to the Status tab (still in the browser) and enter the API address (in my case default:, still no luck. I get an orange pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen: “Unable to connect to the provided IPFS API address”.
I’m sort of guessing this is because the desktop app is connected and only one interface can connect at a time. But at the same time it’s a little confusing. The extension is clearly receiving info from the Desktop app’s IPFS server, as it’s got a badge showing the number of peers. Why then can’t I control the Node via the web interface?
By the way my IPFS Node Type setting in the extension is “External”. I can set it to “Provided by Brave” and then I can access the web interface just fine… but of course that’s because this setting means I’m running a separate node in Brave and I’m not so sure that’s what I want to do.

I’d appreciate advice/ help with the following:

  • (Why) isn’t it possible to have the web interface access the IPFS server running on my desktop?
  • Are there any pros/cons to just running 2 nodes, one on the desktop app and one in Brave? (main disadvantage that I can imagine is that I’m duplicating data, at least if my nodes are also peers of one another, then they will likely share data, but from a network point of view that’s not particularly helpful considering both nodes are on the same device.)

C.O.R.S. is the problem. The browser extension “hack” is to strip the origin part of the http request to go-ipfs, that way it always work! For them…

When you try to access the web UI you can to so in multiple ways, if it’s not by default allowed it wont work unless you manually modify the settings.

As for running multiple nodes, that really up to you. Personally, I have a raspberry pi online 24/7 for content and use brave for browsing.