Auto healing in IPFS-CLUSTER

Hello @hector,
In the case of a three-node setup, if we pin with a replication factor of 2, and allocated nodes are say node 1 and node 2 , then if node 1 goes down then will cluster auto-heal to maintain the replication factor of 2 by pinning it in node 3?

Thanks in advance.

There is a disable_repinning setting in the configuration that control this behaviour. If set to false, cluster will re-pin the items with new allocations (replication_factor_min threshold needs to be crossed).

Now, if you have 1M pins, and your cluster peer has a temporary issue, you will be repinning 1M items somewhere else and unpinning from this node when it comes back again. I find a better approach to only enable this opportunistically when it is needed and/or find a replication factor that can tolerate common failures/recoveries.