Ipfs cluster general queries

Hello Community,

I have some basic design questions regarding IPFS Cluster.

  1. Does IPFS Cluster has auto failover in case a node is down? Based on replication factor, does it failover to and pin the file to another running node?
  2. How do we encrypt data before/during adding the content to IPFS network? Or is it not required?
  3. Can I retrieve the IPFS file without hash?
  4. Can we enable notifications when a node is down which has pinned content?

Cluster peers try to re-pin content allocated to a peer that is detected as “down” (unless the disable_repinning setting is set the true in the config).

You’d have to do by your own means by monitoring that node.

If you want you can encrypt it using your favourite method. This is not done for you.

Probably not. You need a way to find the hash.

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