Backup "Files" to new node?

I have an IPFS node that I’ve added files to over time using the web UI “Files” section (the “unixfs” virtual file system). I now need to rebuild the server it’s running on, and wish to back up all the files I’ve put there over time, to be able to re-add them to the rebuilt server after it’s complete. I can get the files one-by-one with ipfs files read, but that seems extremely tedious. Is there a way to mount the whole unixfs “files” tree as a virtual folder on the host machine? The ipfs mount command attempts to mount the entire IPFS global infrastructure as a directory mount point, which doesn’t work the best for this purpose.

Does this help?

Thanks! That gets me started; that guide seems to be missing accomplishing that maneuver if running in Docker, but that at least gives me the files I should be targeting.

Note that the document talks about moving. If you copy instead of move you probably get the situation with 2 IPFS nodes with both the same peer id. The .ipfs folder contains not only the files you pinned but also the config you had.

What you want is probably some service that looks at all the files you have pinned and pin all those files on your new node too. I don’t think that exists other then going for ipfs-cluster (which would be overkill here). You might be best off by listing your pins ipfs pin ls --type=recursive and pinning all your files again on the new instance. You might be better off scripting that if you have a load of pins :wink:

I’m surprised it doesn’t show you warnings.

You mean the second paragraph?

At the bottom there is a link to edit page or open an issue though, so the docs team would be super happy if you have suggestions for improvement.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:
I totally missed that one, sorry and thanks for pointing it out!

Have a look here.
with “backup2ipfs” it should be very easy to share/copy/move data from/to ipfs!