Tranfer all pinned files to another node


I was wondering, when using a pinning service if ever this service/node close, is there an easy way to move all pinned file to another service / node? Or you would have to download every single files to then add/pin them all again?

Thank you in advance

You could but you shouldn’t have to do that. It would be easier to just have your new pinning provider pull from the old pinning provider, or anywhere else it can find it. Your pinning service is really just the provider of last resort.

You would have to repin them with the new provider. This should be much easier with go-ipfs 0.8 and the pinning service api. Command-line reference | IPFS Docs

You can create a MFS directory with all your local pins with:

ipfs files mkdir /old_local_pins && for cid in $(ipfs pin ls --type=recursive -q); do ipfs files cp /ipfs/$cid /old_local_pins/$cid; done ; ipfs files stat /old_local_pins

and then you can use its CID for pinning everything to some other node or a remote pinning service (either in bulk, by only pinning the root CID, or one-by-one).

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