Best practice IPFS on a (big) local network

Are there any common network topology designs for making IPFS available within a local network? For example I could imagine that IPFS would be available on a typical routing appliance that already provides other services such as DNS and NTP, serving an IPFS (private) gateway for clients in the network to connect to. Especially if the network has many IPFS users, there might be reasons not to install IPNS on every node, but use the shared gateway. One of those reasons being the wasted space on all nodes.

Using an IPFS node on top of the router obviously brings opportunity where clients only would require a single upstream peer to reach the public network, and discovery via mDNS would help the local distribution of files, this would only make sense if the bandwidth to the IPFS node would be less than the availability of the same content within the network (read: the switch is faster to distribute content between systems than the shared link to the router).

In any case the above is food for thought that people may have thought about. In scenario two I would still appreciate the idea that only one node in the network maintains external connections.