Router would bee the best device for IPFS | 路由器作为IPFS节点设备

Mobile phones are not suitable for use as nodes, the online rate of computers is declining. Only routers can be stable online! My computer only opened few times a week, but the router always on.

Is IPFS support OpenWRT? Or provide an IPFS router device?

The router can add a hard disk and use it directly as a network file system. Based on the interface provided by IPFS, various applications can conveniently manage and share files. (IPFS needs to add a simple and convenient authorization management function to enable various applications to access)

Based on the bandwidth coordination capability of the router, the performance of the P2P can be further improved.





Maybe in the future, there will be lots of IPFS nodes running in specific machine, just like CDN. But the problem is who pay for it.
CDN is payed by website maintainer.

就像现在的 CDN 一样,将来 IPFS 也可以使用专门的硬件设备作为 IPFS 节点。但问题是 CDN 是网站维护者付费,那 IPFS 节点该由谁付费呢?