Exists or it's in development an IPFS router?

I’m studying IPFS from several time, and I’m asking if wondering the possibility to have a router that works as IPFS node.

I’m honest to say that I’m studying a way to create a P2P search engine, for the moment theoretically and I’m wondering if a similar device could enforce the speed and the amount of “cached” data.

Moreover, one of my points is the use of libp2p for creating a direct dialogue between peers for a faster exchange of data (is this acceptable?) and maybe a “IPFS router” could help to work as better NAT, also.

Who has a practical experience in this kind of application could give me a feedback?

Thank you!

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I’m not sure this exists, but the idea is very intriguing to me.

Also to me. Unfortunately I have neither the technical skills nor the money to develop a similar product, but it would be a killer app for IPFS. However, there are mini-pc routers on the market. They could theoretically be taken as a basis.

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