Bluechips & Gambles (BEG) disappeared from Tokensets

Hi, I do have this token that I wanted to break down to liquidate, but it completely disappeared from tokensets.

The URL is

The etherscan contract is this one: Bluechips & Gambles (BEG) Token Tracker | Etherscan

When I browse the tokensets page, it doesn’t find this set anymore, even though I look for it in the page in every corner I could.

Using the old link to the set I used to have gets me to this error:
The content path you requested cannot be found. There’s likely an invalid or missing DAG node.

failed to resolve /ipfs/bafybeies5y255t7unu2ahkijgihzuyie6iqyqsbk66l5phtfvca4bikbvq/v2/set/eth/0x88c21fabb8b2924c42af62dad8e9d288fbe8a57f: no link named “v2” under bafybeies5y255t7unu2ahkijgihzuyie6iqyqsbk66l5phtfvca4bikbvq

This is just a 404, your path is not in the CID.

How can this be fixed considered this is not even my coin? I think the owner abandoned it.

I don’t know, I’ve not dealt with tokensets.